Welcome Welcome Welcome 😇

I’d like to share a small taste of small town USA… Holsteins, Harleys and hand crafted goodness…sun cured and home grown…bathed in the crystal waters of the untamed Americas and finally, with a dash of urban groove for seasoning…I give you The Notorious Rev. Ravenkeeper; ODin, song writer, guitar player, vocalist, producer and his latest project ”FTC” which has emerged as an energized incarnation of Sonic light , with explosively brilliant live performances giving listeners a cerebral and physical experience that moves your soul and booty.

My friends, ignite your love, learn all you can, stay beautiful, live well & be happy.


Even on the darkest days or in the brightest nights; Come…. let’s go to a place where even a smile is a prayer and your light is recognized as part of the radiance of the infinite. Let us build beauty within ourselves and in our world; adding to the pantheon of energy, known as our universe or god’s love !!!

Additionally we want to thank you all so much for the love and support over the years and into the future with this new venture…… we will share our energy and perhaps receive some of yours….Live well, be happy!”

The future comes to gather in an embrace, the present and along with it we also move forward, all is well. We shall make serious effort to unearth the treasures that we seek and to see the treasure in what is before us. Basically we’re interested in making friends and sharing groovy energy. Along with our desire to learn comes a propensity for contemplation, introspection, and observation of various types, linear, abstract, and analogous etc. As we all know there are many types of thought. Knowledge, wisdom, insight, intuition, genius and information, all of these things though different and at the same time, part of knowing are not the sum of knowing. Not to mention who can deny the beauty of a deer dappled landscape on a sunny fall afternoon where the grass is still green but the trees are not. As the universe unfolds, we all have too much to learn to quibble, but should we educate and enlighten each other when possible, perhaps the world will be a better place. Hopefully as we grow and evolve, the realization that we should look out for each other will be obvious. Creation in an of itself is truly marvelous and a joy to behold. So we shall sing friends sing, for these things too shall pass, as mountains rise and valleys fall. So to shall light and dark roil, for within the chaos of the universe, beauty and Joy is ours to find and hold “Amen“